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AI-Assisted FUE-Robotic System is able to transplant each one of the Grafts from the Donor Site to the Recipient Site in only 1 second. AI-Assisted FUE-Robotic System reduces total Hair Transplantation Procedure Time to 1 Hour from 8 Hours (for 3,600 grafts), and it guarantees an Exceptional Level of Efficiency & Performance. The main features of our innovation are:

Advanced Donor-Recipient Site Analysis: State-of-the-Art Sensors & Cameras are connected with a 3D Visual Data Processing Software that analyses and maps the Donor and Recipient Site Areas.

Robotic Transplantation: The Robotised Gripper is able to perform Graft Harvesting, Transfer and Implantation from the Donor Area to the Recipient Site Area in only one second.

Superior User Interface: High-Resolution Digital Imaging provides Surgeons with Exceptional Visual Details.

Hair Transplantation Procedures Time Periods are reduced to 1 hour from 8 hours. 1 Hair Graft is able to be transplanted in 1 second

The patented technology constitutes the lifeblood of the Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Applications.

High-Precise Positioning is one of the most important processes in microchip implantation into the brain.

Our patented technology will be able to be used in the commonly known project Neuralink executed by Elon Musk.

The patented technology to be used in Hair Transplantation Procedures is providing High-Speeds, High-Precise Positionings and Flexible Motion Capabilities to implant the microchips into the brain.

By Brain Interface Applications,
a new era is being opened letting us restore autonomy to those with unmet medical needs today and unlock human potential tomorrow

Thanks to the Patented and AI-Assisted Technology -SCS Mechanism- that lets us to reach Hi-Speeds and Hi-Precise Positioning, the Brain Surgery Procedures will able to be performed in more reliable, repeatable and sustainable conditions.

AI-Assisted software analyses the tomography data of the brain of the patient and supports the surgeons to make the most accurate diagnosis and planning the most proper surgery procedures.

A Revolution in Brain Surgery Procedures with the patented technology "SCS Mechanism"

Our patented technology is providing High-Speeds, High-Precise Positionings and High Flexible Motion Capabilities to control the Radiation Generator producing High-Focused Radiation to tumors and lesions in the brain.

The patented and AI-assisted technology is able to be used together with the existing solution Gamma-Knife and ensures that High-Focused Radiation is applied only to the tumor area, causing almost no damage to healthy brain cells.

A Revolution in Brain Tumour Treatment Procedures with the patented technology "SCS Mechanism"

Our patented and AI-assisted technology is able to be used together with the existing solution CyberKnife System using Linear Accelerator (LINAC) to deliver external beam radiation treatments for patients with cancer.

The patented and AI-assisted technology will be able to more precisely treat the conditions throughout the body, including the prostate, lung, brain, spine, head and neck, liver, pancreas and kidney.

It would be an alternative to surgery or for patients who have inoperable or surgically complex tumors.

By the patented technology "SCS Mechanism", A Revolution in Non-invasive Treatments for Cancerous and Non-Cancerous Tumors

Completed Innovations

AFTER TRANS consists of Innovative Hair Treatment (Post Procedure) Products specifically formulated (Natural & Herbal Based) and developed for the Healing Period of Transplanted Hair.

AFTER TRANS SET, which is used during the first 10 days after Hair Transplantation Procedures, reduces the Healing Period of the Transplanted Hair under 10 days from 30-40 days.

BIOESTEE consists of Innovative Hair Care Products that are specifically formulated (Natural & Herbal Based) and developed for Transplanted Hair. 

BIOESTEE, which is used after the Healing Period, makes Transplanted Hair more Stronger and more Healthier thanks to its Anti-Hair Loss feature.

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